3 - New Construction Buyer Rebate

California Home Buyers Rebate Program

New Development Home Buyer Rebate Program

New development home builders offer Agents a commission/referral fee for referring their Home Buyer clients to them and registering with their development on the first visit. The commission/referral fee offered by the developer is typically 2% to 3% of the final purchase price of the home. The commission/referral fee is only paid out to the Agent that initially registers the Buyer with the development on their first visit. From there the buyer works directly with the developer's staff going forward if you decide to purchase one of their "new construction" homes.

The Messick Team offers one of the highest new development Home Buyers rebates in California. We rebate up to 75% of the commission we receive back to the buyer.

The Messick Team offers buyer rebates on most new development homes throughout California.

The areas below represent only a fraction of the locations in Southern California where our new development home buyer rebates are available. If you would like more information about our Buyers Rebate Program or would like to verify the amount of refund you would receive you can call or text us at 800-883-6905.

Southern California Developers

Buyer Rebates are legal throughout California and many other states. Click on the following link to read what the United States Department of Justice as written about Home Buyers Rebates: Click Here 

The commission/referral fee we receive will be in writing and fully disclosed on your purchase contract with the developer. The developer will issue a 1099 to us for the referral they out to our company. We will then instruct the escrow officer to apply the rebate towards your closing costs. If there is a remaining balance of the rebate we will write a check to you directly. (for example, if your rebate is $15,000 and your closing costs are $11,000, we will pay the $11,000 closing costs, give you $4000 cash, and 1099 you for the $4000 cash).

Projected New Development Buyers Rebate

Purchase Price

Rebate Amount

Rebate based on 2.5% Buyers Agent commission/Referral Fee and Buyer receiving 75% of commission/referral fee received by the Messick Team. The 75% Buyers Rebate is available on New Developments that have been pre-approved by the Messick Team.
$400,000You receive $7,500
$500,000You receive $9,375
$600,000You receive $11,250
$700,000You receive $13,125
$800,000You receive $15,000
$900,000You receive $16,875
$1,000,000You receive $18,750
$1,500,000You receive $28,125
$2,000,000You receive $37,500
$3,000,000You receive $56,250
$4,000,000You receive $75,000
$5,000,000You receive $93,750
$6,000,000You receive $112,500

Resale Buyer Rebate Program Terms & Exclusions:
  • Rebates are excluded from properties listed by the Messick Team.
  • Rebates only apply on listings that are posted on the Realtors MLS.
  • Rebates apply to listings where the Sellers or Listing Agent is offering a buyers agent commission of 2.50% or above.
  • Rebates apply on purchases with a sale price of $350,000 or higher.
  • Rebates can be applied as a buyer credit towards closing costs or a reduction in the price of the property.
  • To receive cash-back the check must be paid from escrow.
  • No rebates will be paid to the buyer outside of escrow or after escrow closes.
  • The buyers' lender must be notified of the rebate credit and is subject to lender approval.
  • Rebates are not available on Short Sale transactions.
  • Our Buyer Rebate Agreement must be signed by all parties prior to scheduling showings or writing of an offer.